Our Services

Here at Junction 29 Remaps we like to offer as many services as possibly to our customers, so many in fact that we don't want you to go anywhere else for anything vehicle related. If you have a vehicle problem then let us help, we are looking forward to working with you!

DPF Regeneration

DPF Regeneration services at a fraction of the typical local garage rate! DPF problems usually start with diagnostic problems, most garages don't even undeerstand how the DPF works! Lets us fully diagnose your vehicle and give a qualified suggestion of what next to do!

EGR Removal

EGR problems effect all Petrol & Diesel engines it seems! We offer a solution to remove the EGR completely so no more problems! This usually works out cheaper than buying a 2nd hand EGR let alone a new one! Our prices start from just £60

ECU Remaps

We offer ECU Remapping on 90% of vehicles on the road today with Stage 1 all the way through to Stage 4! Even Economy Remaps! We offer power, torque and economy all rolled in to one! With MPG savings of up to 30%! See our Google ratings!

ECU Cloning

Has your ECU been water damaged? Or maybe even burnt itself out? Why pay dealer prices when we can 'clone' your vehicles ECU for a fraction of the price! We also offer imobiliser reset and virgin ECU coding.